“I attended Emily’s workshop on setting New Year Intentions in January and I found her guidance to be instrumental in helping me reflect on my past and present, and to set future goals. I have also attended many of Emily’s yoga classes and I always got a good work out physically and mentally. Emily’s approach in her instruction has always been sensitive and gentle, and you know you’re in for a treat when she brings her singing bowls!” – Geoff, Footscray

“I knew I needed something to heal my body after surgery and a fair bit of emotional trauma had left me feeling “stuck”. I really wanted to let that go and move through it but wasn’t sure how to do that. Body Psychology consultations with Emily has been a revelation. She has a thoughtful and supportive approach that has created the space for deep healing and insight – sometimes bringing tears and long buried emotions rippling to the surface and out of my body and just as often profound relaxation and happiness. Emily has been kind, nurturing and totally switched on to my needs through these sessions, whether that’s pushing and guiding or stepping back and allowing me to process and feel in my own time. I’ve loved the genuine support and care from her. I’m left with a quiet confidence and sense of grounded calm that I didn’t realise was possible.” – Ferdi, Seddon

“Emily is a gentle, kind and generous soul and her classes are absolutely gorgeous. I especially adore her Yin and Yoga Nidra classes. They are relaxing, nurturing, rejuvenating, inclusive and really allow you to tune in to yourself. I feel that they are an invaluable addition to a self-care routine and they make the effects of meditation truly accessible to all regardless of level of experience. With a preference for sweaty workouts, I was not someone who was drawn to yin yoga prior to trying Emily’s class. I am now a convert! I would describe the effects of Emily’s Yoga Nidra class as trance-like, enabling me to experience aspects of my consciousness that I had never slowed down enough to notice before. I have gone so far as to label this as a spiritual awakening.” – Sara, Box Hill

“I started doing yoga close to 10 years ago but was only exposed to Yin Yoga when I met Emily and I must say, I fell in love with Yin at my first class at Urban Yoga! I have attended a few other Yin classes by a few different instructors but I still find Emily’s Yin class more relaxing. I have followed her everywhere she taught since I met her because it is hard to find a good Yin instructor like her. I work and live in the CBD but I think it is worth the time to get to the East to attend her classes. She has also introduced me to Yoga Nidra, which helps people who work in the office like us to find peace of mind after a stressful day at work. If you are looking to relax your body and soul, make sure you find Emily!” – Xian, Melbourne

“My husband was bed bound with lower back pain for an extended period of time. Pain meditation, heat packs and typical Western medicine methods were not helping to subside the pain. After one tailored 1:1 Yoga Nidra meditation session with Emily, colour returned to his face and he began to feel able to move more freely. Following his second session, he improved exponentially and kicked off his recovery. I highly recommend 1:1 Yoga Nidra meditation sessions with Emily – what a relief to have this ancient practice to help heal serious ailments!” – Janet, Malvern

“I’ve found Emily’s teaching style to be very enjoyable and relaxing. She is very patient and clear in her instructions and I’ve found them to be really well paced as a newbie to yoga.” – Sean, Moonee Ponds

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