Does meditation involve me sitting cross legged, holding my fingers in some weird way and chanting?

No! That’s what Hollywood movies would have you think but it’s far from that.

In fact, there are so many different types of meditation so if you’ve never formally meditated before here’s 3 important things you need to know:

1. Meditation isn’t about “doing meditation”

It’s the complete opposite. It’s about being. It’s about being present. Just being in the moment and allowing whatever happens or comes up, to happen. It’s about trusting. Letting Go. Just being.

You don’t need to have expectations about “having a great mediation” or seeing something or experiencing something. Just be.

Yes, some people see colours (which are related to the chakras – energy centres…that’s a blog topic for another day…), yes some people feel different things. But it doesn’t matter if YOU do or don’t. What’s important is that you’re gifting yourself some time to be with yourself. To be present. Just being.

To just take a break from your everyday so you can just be. To feel. To connect with the most important person in your world – YOU!

2. Meditation takes many forms

You can be:
…lying down
…jigsaw puzzling

You can even be active! Yes this is true! One of my fave meditations is when I’m out on the water on my SUP (standup paddleboard!) It’s absolute peace and tranquility out there by myself, well, not entirely by myself – I have the fish, the stingray and jellyfish for company! I’m focused on paddling and just being present, breathing in the fresh air and soaking up my surrounds.

3. Meditation involves focus

Whichever meditation you choose, it involves focusing on something and just allowing everything else to just pass by so you can be in the moment.

So if you’re colouring, you’re focused on which pencil you’re using and filling in the blank white paper. If you’re sewing, it’s on what you’re creating, not on the thoughts racing through your mind.

Just as COVID was hitting, I took a beachside long weekend escape and at the house I borrowed, they had a jigsaw puzzle.

Now, I’d stayed at this beach house over summer and hadn’t even noticed it…but this long weekend I thought I would give it a go as they had a cute cat one (crazy cat lady over here!)…and I was amazed!

It was so calming and meditative…I thought it would be frustrating and involve using too much brain power, but I was well and truly surprised as it was far from that!

And…then COVID hit, the PM advocated for jigsaw puzzles being “essential” and Australia went nuts for them! And I believe one of the reasons we did was for the the opportunity it gave us to get out of heads. A form of tranquil meditation where the focus is on putting the pieces together and letting everything else just fall away.

Stay with it!

Cultivating a regular meditation practice can have profound impacts on your life.

For some this is once a week.

For others this is a few times a week.

If you’re like me and have a dedicated practice, I meditate every morning before I get out of bed for 30 mins. Others will meditate for longer or shorter every day…some meditate twice a day. There’s no rule or way that’s better or worse…it’s what works for you…and helps you be present.

But profound changes can happen in your world if you meditate so even if you can start with just 5 minutes today, I promise you’ll notice a difference…and try again the next day or perhaps longer the next day. If you try one type of meditation and it doesn’t resonate with you, try another!

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