Happy New Mindful Year

For many of us 2018 has been a very LONG one…but at the same time has flown by.

When I look back and reflect on the year, a lot has changed for me in so many ways – I know I’ll look back on 2018 as a year of transformation and awakening. I dodged a bullet in the relationship stakes (phew!); developed new fitness interests; ventured to the USA to study more yoga, yoga therapy and meditation focused on healing those with yoga for anxiety, depression, insomnia and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder); studied reiki to connect more with my own energy and deepen my personal meditation practice; became a corporate escapee and went from being a part-time yoga teacher to a dedicated full time yoga, meditation and mindfulness teacher and advocate. But most importantly, crossed paths with old friends and made new friends from all over the world and shared many laughs, tears and memories and for this I am truly grateful.

So when you reflect on 2018, what are three things you’re truly grateful?

Mine are:
1. Loving network of beautiful souls: my parents, extended family, cat Muffin and network of friends all over the world
2. Transitioning to a life of purpose teaching and sharing my love of yoga, meditation and mindfulness
3. To be alive and enjoy Mother Nature, especially the ocean – where I can be free and enjoy meditation in motion on my standup paddle board

In 2018, I cultivated the daily practice of gratitude thanks to my dear friend Helen. Everyday, I will exchange the 3 things/people/experiences I’m truly grateful for…and I plan to continue this in 2019.

So what are you truly grateful for?

If you live in Melbourne, I’m teaching a special public class at Westside Yoga in Seddon (cost of normal class or included in membership) on New Years Day at 6:30pm. We’ll be kick starting 2019 with a mindful yoga and meditation practice and setting an intention for the year ahead. Stay around after class and mingle with your fellow yogis as I’ll also be serving some delicious fruit and homemade bliss balls

See you on the mat yogis! Would love to hear the 3 things you’re grateful for! Comment below!

Happy New Year!